Major development proposed at Broadway & Commercial (Safeway site): Open House June 27 (Tues)

Broadway/Commercial Pre-Application Open House
Croatian Cultural Centre
Tuesday June 27, 2017
Doors: 5:30 pm • Presentation: 6:00 pm • Open House: until 8:30 pm
Organized by Brook Pooni


Broadway commercial open house 27-June-2017a

Broadway commercial open house 27-June-2017bFor some comments visit

Broadway & Commercial: Another Open House



Residents still not liking Park Board’s proposed Joint Operating Agreement: Kerrisdale Community Centre Society meetings (June 20)

Intro: Below is a media release from the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society. See bottom for context and links to KCCS website outlining concerns with the JOA, which the Park Board is expecting to have signed by September 30.

This topic is a huge one for the character of our communities, life in our neighbourhoods, and the relationships with the municipal government. Many other community center associations are affected by the JOA and need to deal with the same types of issues. To follow the collective efforts of multiple CCAs visit or see @Vancouver_CCAs on Twitter.

KCCS kerrisdale aft meeting on JOA 20-Jun-2017

More than 300 community members came out to provide feedback on the proposed Joint Operating Agreement. The Vancouver Park Board expects community centre associations to sign it by September 30, 2017. The general tone was “not happy” with the JOA contents. (Image: KCCS)

Kerrisdale Community Centre Society sees big community turnout for input on Park Board Joint Operating Agreement

Vancouver, B.C. – The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society saw more than 300* people come out to two community meetings held yesterday to gather public feedback on a proposed Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) that the Park Board requires Kerrisdale and all other Community Centre Associations (CCAs) in Vancouver to sign by September 30, 2017. (*Approximately 175 at the 1 p.m. meeting and 130 at the 7:30 p.m. meeting).

Said Kathleen Bigsby, President of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society: “We wanted to know what our community thought, so we asked them.” She added: “The Kerrisdale community is involved, engaged and active in what happens in our neighbourhood. They came out and they told us – in no uncertain terms – that they are not happy with the proposed agreement that the Park Board is pushing us to sign. In fact, several of our members are already discussing how they can organize public protests. Unless some changes are made to the contract currently on the table, our community has made it clear that the issue isn’t going away anytime soon.” Continue reading

Kerrisdale Community Centre Society to hold community meetings June 20 (Tues) seeking input on Park Board ‘Joint Operating Agreement’

Here is a media release from Kerrisdale Community Centre Society,  which has called a community meeting to ask for public feedback on a proposed Joint Operating Agreement that the Park Board requires all Community Centre Associations in Vancouver to sign by September 30, 2017.

Kerrisdale Community Centre

To sign or not to sign?
Kerrisdale Community Centre Society turns to community
for input on Park Board Joint Operating Agreement

Vancouver, B.C. – The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society has called a community meeting to ask for public feedback on a proposed Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) that the Park Board requires Kerrisdale and all other Community Centre Associations (CCAs) in Vancouver to sign by September 30, 2017.

Said Kathleen Bigsby, President of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society: “The Kerrisdale community is involved, engaged and active in what happens in our neighbourhood. From the start of our community centre society more than seven decades ago, we have looked to the people of this area when it comes to making decisions about the future of the community centre. Today, it’s no different. They are the lifeblood of this organization.” She added: “We are committed to being transparent with our community regarding the JOA and the challenges that we see with it. We want their input on our next steps. And knowing our community, we will get that and more.”

Two community meetings are planned. They are:

Kerrisdale Community Centre Society Community Meetings
Address: 5851 West Blvd, Vancouver
Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Afternoon Meeting: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. in the South Room
Evening Meeting: 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Auditorium

About Kerrisdale Community Centre

The Kerrisdale Community Centre is jointly operated by the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and the Vancouver Park Board. One of the earliest community centres to be built in Vancouver, it was constructed in 1955 through a local improvement bylaw initiative, where residents in the area agreed to directly fund facility building costs.

The centre provides an opportunity for seniors, families (the parents and the children), young adults and newcomers to Canada to meet, socialize, make use of the recreational facilities, and participate in diverse programs developed specifically to meet the unique needs of the community. It provides members with the opportunity to start or strengthen social, emotional and neighbourhood relationships, stay fit, keep their minds sharp, have a healthy lunch, and is key in helping to maintain an authentic, robust sense of community in the area.


Incentives for Character Home retention: City survey ends June 18 (Sun)

cov-character-home-zoning-review-landing-imageThe City of Vancouver is conducting a Character Home Zoning Review. Below is a message from the Heritage Action Plan Team. Deadline for the online survey is June 18.

Official info from the City:

Please go to the above link and click on the “Take the Questionnaire” button.

Open houses were held in May. Click here to download the information boards:

At the bottom we provide selected links for background reading.


There is still time to fill out our online questionnaire on the proposed zoning incentives and draft design guidelines for Character Home Retention. The questionnaire is open until this Sunday, June 18.

In the fall of 2016 we asked members of the public for feedback on possible options for encouraging retention. Incorporating what we heard, we are now seeking public feedback on the proposed zoning incentives and draft design guidelines. Your feedback will help inform recommendations to City Council later in the year to encourage retention of pre-1940 character homes in single-family neighbourhoods.

The proposed zoning incentives are optional for owners of character homes and no changes are being proposed to zoning for new house construction. In addition, the proposed zoning incentives would apply to single-family neighbourhoods across the entire City, not only those with especially high concentrations of pre-1940 homes.

Please review the information boards from the May 2017 open houses, then share your thoughts. The questionnaire may be accessed here.

Heritage Action Plan Team Continue reading

RT (Two-Family) Zone Review in Grandview-Woodland and Mount Pleasant: Open House June 21 (Wed)

CoV Grandview-Woodland logoAn important notice going out to people who have subscribed to a City newsletter.

RT (Two-Family) Zone Review in Grandview-Woodland and Mount Pleasant

As guided by the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan, the City has been working with the community to develop new zoning to provide more incentives for character home retention and to increase housing opportunities in the historic Grandview neighbourhood.

Similarly, to implement the Mount Pleasant Community Plan, an RT Zone Review was recently launched in that community with similar objectives. In recognition of the significant overlap in the context and objectives of these two planning programs, they have been combined to produce a common and consistent approach for changes to the RT Zones.

An open house is being held to share the draft RT (two-family) regulations with the Mount Pleasant community. It takes place at the following time and location:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
5 to 8 pm
Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street)

The material will be similar to what was shared with the Grandview-Woodland community in May 2017. If you missed the recent open houses [link to presentation boards in Grandview-Woodland and are interested in this program you may wish to attend to learn more.

If you cannot attend, you can view the display boards on the Mt. Pleasant RT Zone Review webpage as of June 22.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Continue reading

City seeks public input to shape new housing strategy: Meet June 17 (Sat), take online survey by June 23

CoV schedule housing reset 2017

In March 2017, Vancouver City Council approved “emerging directions” to help form the City’s new housing strategy, “a new approach to delivering housing affordability for local residents now and into the future.” Now the City seeks public feedback, on the schedule indicated in the above graphic. A report back to Council is expected in July, and the final “Housing Vancouver Strategy” is to be in fall/winter 2017. Policy implications and impacts on neighbourhoods could be enormous, so early public input is crucial. It would be interesting if someone would create a table comparing the proposed new housing strategy with the old housing strategy.

Provide feedback on the proposed new priorities and actions

CoV says We are looking for all Vancouver residents to provide feedback on the proposed new priorities and actions, which will focus on building the right supply of housing across the city. Feedback received will help form our new 10-year housing and homelessness strategy, Housing Vancouver. Residents from across the city, renters, home owners, seniors, youth and families, are invited to discuss how housing affordability affects their lives and to explore how proposed new priorities could shape a new approach to housing.”

How to learn more and give feedback:

  • Answer an online survey: The city has two online surveys open until June 23, 2017 (one for residents and one for non-residents — former residents and school/work commuters)
  • Attend the public dialogue event, “The Big Conversation – The Future of Housing in Vancouver” on June 17 (Saturday) 10 am to 1:30 pm, Vancouver Curling Club at Hillcrest Centre. Registration required.
  • Follow the topic on Twitter with hashtag #HousingVan

For more information, plus links to the surveys and registration for the event, please click here:

The June 17 even registration requires self-identification in one of four categories (renter/co-op member; owner; living at home with family or in student housing; struggling — e.g. temporary housing, a shelter, couch surfing, or homeless). As of June 15 one category is sold out, one is on wait list, and two are still open.

If a reader takes the survey, we would love to hear your comments/thoughts on it.

With the overall proposals and design of questions, are there any glaring gaps or biases? Watch the adjectives being used by City staff. Are there any pitfalls with what is being proposed? What is being missed in the City staff thinking? (For example, creating thousands of new official rental units by stopping the ruthless crackdown on unauthorized rentals and actually helping owners deal with code issues to get them authorized, expanding the secondary suite rental program, reducing cruel treatment in the renovation permit process, cutting inefficiency/incompetency/redundancy/waste in development/building permit departments, and more)


EXCERPT FROM “City invites public to join the big conversation to help shape new housing strategy” May 26 2017 Continue reading

Open houses for Cambie Corridor Phase 3: June 15 (Thurs), June 17 (Sat)

COV cambie-corridor-phase-3-landing

Image credit: City of Vancouver

(Updated, with text of media release from City of Vancouver at bottom, PLUS Vancouver Courier article.)

Important open houses:

Thursday, June 15
Oakridge Centre Auditorium, 650 West 41st Ave

Saturday, June 17
11:00am – 5:00pm
Oakridge Centre Auditorium, 650 West 41st Ave
These two events will provide the same content at two time options.

online questionnaire:

The following info is excerpted from City of Vancouver website. Click here for much more information.

Cambie Corridor Planning Program

Join the conversation – Spring 2017 open house
Join the conversation and continue to help us shape the future of the Corridor through our online consultation (May through June) and our Cambie Corridor – 2017 spring open houses.

These events will be a chance to discuss and provide feedback on all of the draft plan directions presented over the spring and learn about planning for the Oakridge Municipal Town Centre area.

How we’ll use your feedback
Following the open houses, we will use your feedback to modify and refine the final, comprehensive Cambie Corridor Plan, which we are targeting to present to City Council for consideration in late fall 2017/early 2018. Continue reading