Arbutus Corridor in Pictures (August 2014)

6th Avenue tracks

(Posted August 24, 2014) The Arbutus Corridor stretches from Marpole to Granville Island. Below we’ve documented the rail line in a series of photographs as of August 2014. Canadian Pacific started the process of clearing gardens along the southern end of the corridor in early August.

The railway tracks have not been in use since 2001, and consequently are overgrown in many places. It’s unclear why CP has decided to reactivate the corridor at this time. Canadian Pacific has leased small parcels of land in both Kerrisdale (near 41st) and in Kitsilano  (at 11th) for parking.

The photos are meant to document the current state of the Arbutus corridor. The gardens in the corridor are still untouched in Kitsilano and Fairview. CP has removed the gardens around West 71st and north and south of the tracks at SW Marine Drive:

SW Marine Drive
Above: Gardens removed in rail corridor north and south of SW Marine Drive. Below: looking north (W 61st Avenue)
57th Avenue

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