Useful checklists

This page is to compile the various checklists we have created over time. Please send suggestions to citizenYVR [AT]

On the way:

  • How to read the media
  • Media games of City Hall

Summary of the state of civic affairs:

2 thoughts on “Useful checklists

  1. Hello:
    We have a project in the TriCities to try to connect constituents with their elected representatives (check us out on facebook We’ve Got Issues). We collaborate with our local community television station and carry out informal interviews. You’ll will see our recent interviews with Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov and Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart.

    We have discussed setting up a Council Watch group for Port Coquitlam due to some recent concerns including the censuring and sanctioning of a City Councillor.

    Would be interested in learning more about your group! 🙂



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