Property inquiries (taxes, etc.)

The City of Vancouver website permits inquiries online regarding individual properties. Below is an excerpt of the relevant web page (as of January 5, 2015).


Work your way from left to right using the tabs above (Search, Selection List, Reports) to access Property Tax Account balances and other basic property information. There is no charge for this service, and no ID or password is required. The information provided is not a substitute for a tax certificate.

Search – Use this tab to create or add to a list of properties.

Hint: The easiest way to locate a property is by folio number or PID

  • Folio and PID can be found on your most recent tax notice
  • PID can be found on your:
    1. BC Assessment Notice
    2. Land Titles documentation
    3. Mortgage documents

Selection List – Use this tab to view and modify your list of properties.

Check the tick box for the property(ies) that you’re interested in and choose “Add to Selection List”. Then, select the Reports tab.

Reports – Use this tab to view:

  • Vancouver Property Info Report for the selected properties
  • Property Tax and Utilities Balances Report for the selected properties

The Vancouver Property Info Report displays the following for properties:

  • Gross Taxes levied
  • Legal Description of property
  • Assessed Property Value
  • Utility and Local Improvement Charges
  • Other Property Details

The Property Tax and Utilities Balances Report displays account balances. This information is updated in real time but there may be delays in information being added during peak periods of the year.


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