Oakridge Centre Mall rezoning

(Updated Nov 8) A proposed development at 41st Avenue and Cambie is currently one of the biggest rezoning and development applications underway in the City of Vancouver, involves some of the biggest players in the development game, has enormous implications on local communities, and has citywide implications. This is why we have opened this page dedicated to the topic. Information will be compiled to this web page as the process proceeds. Next up are two public open houses, on November 15 and 17.

How does the city recoup development costs from developers? Who will pay for the infrastructure needed to support the proposed growth?  Between the densification of Cambie Street itself (including towers at Marine Drive) and Canada Line Station arterial streets, and many major project sites (Marine Gardens, Pearson Hospital, Langara Gardens, Oakridge Centre Mall, Translink Bus Barns, and RCMP lands), tens of thousands of new people are anticipated to be living in the Cambie Corridor. Will Langara Golf Course be protected from development or will it become another major project site?  The Little Mountain Housing development for hundreds more is nearby. BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital are alongside the corridor.

The public has a right to ask and get convincing answers about what City Hall will secure to ensure that the developments come with improved infrastructure and livability in a way that is financially sustainable.  What about city infrastructure, Canada Line capacity, park space, school spaces, medical services, additional demands on police, fire and ambulance, new community centre and library space that will be adequate to service the community.  And how will it all be paid for?  How can communities know that what is promised will be delivered, on time? Mayors and councillors change, staff at City Hall are replaced. But it is the community that will live with decisions made in the coming weeks and months.

Growth, density, development, amenities, infrastructure, livability — these are city-wide issues.  As Vancouver grows, it must be in a financially sustainable way. This development proposed at Oakridge Centre Mall is important for more than just the immediate neighbourhoods. It is critical for the whole city to be watching, and to be involved in the discussion.



  • “Oakridge mall reimagined as a ‘real city’ all its own” (by Frances Bula, Globe and Mail, 4-Nov-2012). Click here.
  • “Plans revealed for dramatic redevelopment of Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre” (Global TV, BC, with video, 30-Oct-2012). Click here.


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