Volunteers Wanted

We welcome anyone to volunteer with the following skills, to help promote a mature and constructive citizen-based dialogue into the future of our city, Vancouver.

  1. Reporters: Attend events/seminars/lectures and write up short reports for posting online
  2. Researchers, interviewers, writers, and editors
  3. Graphic artists for image designs
  4. Architects, urban planners — to help with analysis of projects
  5. Translators: Chinese (especially Mandarin, Cantonese).
  6. Any other skills you’d like to volunteer

To get involved, please send an e-mail to citizenYVR@gmail.com.

To see if your thinking is generally aligned with CityHallWatch’s approach and tone, see our About page. Our geographical focus is all of Vancouver. For the Metro Vancouver region, see www.MetroVanWatch.ca.

CityHallWatch started in 2010 and has evolved with the situation over time. Over the years we have held rallies at City Hall, held press conferences, organized petitions, issued media statements, conducted analysis, done advocacy work, organized public meetings and more. In the past few years, and now in 2018, the public spotlight on our civic politicians and civic affairs and systems in general has increased significantly. At last, mainstream media are more dedicated to investigative reporting, and there are more reporters covering civic affairs in depth and with a more objective and critical view. There are also many new voices of individuals and groups that have been jolted awake, so the number of words printed and images published per day on subjects of our concern has increased dramatically. In that context, we are currently focusing on curating and passing on a lot of information.  But there is always need to shine light on new corners. So if you have interests in the general areas CityHallWatch covers, and if you have talents to offer, welcome!

Updated: March 2018