Here we will build up a list of factoids that have been brought to our attention.

  1. A vote for Vision Vancouver is a vote for the entire regime and power structure (staffing) that Mayor Robertson and his party have put in place over the six years since first elected in 2008. Including City Manager Penny Ballem, Chief of Staff Mike Magee, Director of Communications Kevin Quinlan (now on secondment for Vision’s election campaign), Director of Planning Brian Jackson, and more.
  2. A vote for Vision Vancouver is also a vote in support of the party’s practice of making most decisions behind closed doors, in caucus meetings. The public has know way of knowing who attends those meetings, what is discussed, and how decisions are made.
  3. A vote for Vision Vancouver is also a vote for bloc voting. We are not aware of a single vote in which one of the eight members of this party on City Council broke ranks and voted differently from the rest.

One thought on “Factoids

  1. Lawsuit by Vision proves they are running scared…….’going to mommy for help’…….best comment was by independent now backing NPA
    “Does an alcoholic blame the bartender?”

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