Snapshots: Rezoning + development applications

(Updated Jan 2021) For years, as a free public service, on the first day of every month CityHallWatch has taken a monthly snapshot of rezoning applications ( and development applications ( from the City of Vancouver website. As far as we know, even the city itself does not do this. Reporters have told us that city staff refer them to CityHallWatch for this information!

We paste the actual text and links into two posts on the first of the month with this title:

  • Vancouver rezoning applications snapshot dd-mm-yy
  • Vancouver development applications snapshot dd-mm-yy

Within the post we also provide a PDF we have created from the City’s web page as of that date. We may have had a gap or two in the past several years, but have been quite consistent with our monthly posts. To find them, simply search for “snapshot” in the search field on our top page.

Extra notes on the rezoning applications snapshot: Open houses and public hearings are indicated on this list and deserve special attention. They are key chances for the public to obtain information and give feedback. If you have concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact the applicant and/or the City’s project facilitator indicated for each case. If you feel it is important, you might also contact your neighbours, and the media. Download and save any PDF files that might be important for you, as city staff will remove them from public access usually within a few months after City Council enacts them as by-laws.
For the current official list, click

Extra notes on the development applications snapshot: Anyone interested in these projects is also encouraged to periodically check the Urban Design Panel (UDP) and Development Permit Board (DPB) schedules, as many projects appear before them as part of the approval pipeline. Check often, as sometimes their agendas appear publicly online as little as one hour before the meeting.
For the current official list, click:


Update – Jan 2021. In the past few months, the City has changed how it presents information on rezoning applications and development applications. Regarding the latter, despite the wording on the City website saying “The City is committed to making sure neighbours of development proposals are as informed as possible about proposed developments and that they have opportunities to provide input. This new method serves to notify people about development applications, in a way that is more sustainable and cost-effective” in fact as it stands now, it is more difficult to find information, except what the City wants you to see. We have created our own apps to present the rezoning and development applications in our snapshot pages on the first of each month.

Updated: Due to changes by on the City’s website the “firebaseapp” maps no longer work but we have created a new app for rezoning applications (below) and pls stay tuned for development applications mapping. 



App under construction. Stay tuned.