Davie & Burrard (in West End)

Further below are images are modeled on information contained in the Nov 29, 2010, policy report to council by Vancouver’s Director of Planning, released December 11 (titled “Implementation of ‘Vancouver Views’ and Opportunities for Higher Buildings in the Downtown.”). Captions with heights, etc., will be added in due course. Locations depicted here are the very corner of Davie and Burrard (within the West End) where on one corner now is a community garden, and also the current site of Downtown Toyota on Burrard and Drake.

Immediately below is an image of what a building at the entrance to Davie Village might be permitted on what is currently the Davie Village Community Garden. Another lower tower could be built on what is now the Esso Station (more on that later). The image shows a tower of 41 storeys (floor height 9.84 feet for the 4-floor podium and 9.07 feet for the remaining 37 floors. Depending on the height restrictions from other viewcones, a tweak at the 300′ might be needed in the design  of the tower, but the top extrusion of the 9 storeys is definitely identified for the full 375 foot height. Texture facade building is borrowed from the new KPMB building at 1 Bedford in Toronto. Later we will post a KMZ model for people to download and try at home. With Google Earth 6 beta, you can switch between the photographic streetview (on Davie) and the 3D model.

To view and control a 3D model of the sites in your own computer, please download this file, change the filename (change the hyphen to a period, then delete the dot pdf suffix), and then open using Google Earth (free download on your computer). (This method is just a workaround to make this available for you to download it. )