Car Free Day June 15, 2014

Car Free Day in 2013
Car Free Day 2014 takes place on Sunday, June 15th. This is the 10th anniversary of the volunteer organized festival. Car Free Day will concurrently take place on Main Street (from noon to 7pm, Broadway to 30th Avenue), Commercial Drive (noon to 7pm from Venables to Grandview) and on Denman Street (noon to 6pm, Davie to Robson). As well, a number of block parties will be held in Kitsilano. We’ve posted photos of the 2013 event here. The organizers provide further details about the festival on the website; we’ve included an introduction paragraph below:

Car Free Day exhibits the vibrancy of Vancouver’s diverse neighbourhoods and draws on the creative energy of neighbours to remake local roadways as places of art, culture and sociability. The festival sites reclaim traffic thoroughfares as community-focused public spaces, allowing residents, artists, performers, artisans, non-profits and businesses to interact, engage and re-imagine spaces normally reserved for vehicle traffic.

Car Free Day 2013