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For convenience (especially for mobile users), we provide the full menu in the links below. At the bottom, we’ve also listed direct links to some of the most useful resources on this site. We have moved some items to Archives (, so some of the items in the list below need to be updated.


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2 thoughts on “Site Map

  1. Hello. I am involved in organizing a discussion about issues in Public Education, and dialogue with School Board Candidates, on Monday, Oct. 27 (7:00 – 9:00) at Trout Lake Community Centre. Not sure exactly how to get you the details to post here.

  2. Further to my twitter comment of FOIs here in Niagara Falls, the issues are simple. The city has been assisting in the assembling of lands for a “mega” development proposed by a single developer. They have used strong arm tactics and secret agreements for this purpose. The final straw was the passing of a Resolution by Council that no one – INCLUDING THE COUNCILLORS – could read or comment on. A FOI on that and a second on the issues surrounding the process have been simply ignored. Each time the Information and Privacy Commissioner inquires, a facile attempt to mollify me is made. The Resolution was to apply for a grant from the Federal government in partnership with a publicly financed university for a development of some sort in downtown Niagara Falls. The reasons that were given includes my favourite – “our proposal is so good, others will steal if if we make it public’. This follows on the comment from senior elected official that ‘we won’t be responding to any of these fucking requests”.

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