FCRA (False Creek) v CoV in court

Here are links to the BC Supreme Court judgments in a case brought against the City of Vancouver by False Creek Residents Association (FCRA).

F.C.R.A. False Creek Residents Association v. Vancouver (City), 2015 BCSC 322 – 2015/03/04
Supreme Court

F.C.R.A False Creek Residents Association v. Vancouver (City), 2014 BCSC 1674 – 2014/09/03
Supreme Court

Readers will find the False Creek Residents Association website full of useful information on the issues.

For more on this story, see here:
False Creek Residents Association versus City of Vancouver: Supreme Court decision favours Concord Pacific. “Green light” protest movement targeted developer & CoV (4-Mar-2015)

And for more reading, this story has been CityHallWatch’s all-time most-read article ever.

Concord land on False Creek assessed at $1: Joke or reality? (Answer: No joke!)

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