Write to the media

CityHallWatch aims to support citizen engagement in the City’s decision-making. One way to get your ideas out is through the media. Here we provide information on how to do that. More will be added.

Letters to the editor:

  • Vancouver Courier: E-mail to editor@vancourier.com, send a letter to 1574 West Sixth Ave., Vancouver, V6J 1R2) or fax 604-734-2154. Letters may be edited. Must be typed, signed, and include writer’s full name (no initials), plus home address and telephone number (which will not be published) so authorship may be verified.
  • The Georgia Straight: Write to “Letters” at contact@straight.com
  • Vancouver 24 Hours: van24news@sunmedia.ca
  • Metro News Vancouver:
  • Vancouver Sun:
  • The Province:

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