Tallest buildings in Vancouver

This summary list is borrowed thanks to http://www.miss604.com (11-Jan-2011).

The current building height limit in downtown Vancouver is 466 feet, which the Shangri-La currently soars well beyond. (How did that happen? That’s a story in itself!) The “Vancouver Views” policy (now in Council Feb 1, 2011) is proposing building heights of 750 feet. Here’s a quick comparison of our five tallest structures:

Living Shangri-La
Height: 201 meters (659 feet), 62 storeys
Built: 2008
Use: Residential and hotel

One Wall Centre
Height: 150 meters (491 feet), 48 storeys
Built: 2001
Use: Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel and conference space

Shaw Tower
Height: 149 meters (489 feet), 41 storeys
Built: 2004
Use: Residential and Shaw broadcast centre Waterfront

Harbour Centre
Height: 146 meters (481 feet), 28 storeys
Built: 1977
Use: Office space and observation deck in the top tower

Royal Centre
Height: 141 meters (464 feet), 37 storeys
Built: 1973
Use: Office space, also known as RBC Tower

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