Other election events

This page is for events that come to our attention which are NOT multi-candidate debates or events, but are still related to the election. We have created this page to avoid mixing apples and oranges, and to avoid an overwhelming task for our volunteer operations. Our main debates page is for debates and events featuring multiple candidates from different parties (or independents). To add to this list please send e-mails to citizenYVR@gmail.com

Vancouver Greens – activities this week:


COPE has a listing of its election activities here: http://www.votecope.ca/events/

NPA Vancouver:

Vision Vancouverhttp://event.votevision.ca/


Affordable Housing debate, 1-Nov-2014 Heyman, Davies, Sharma

Affordable Housing Town Hall. George Heyman MLA Vancouver-Fairview, Don Davies MP Vancouver-Kingsway, Nick Sharma Park Board Commissioner. Saturday, November 1, at 2 pm. Lakewood Room, Trout Lake Community Centre, 3660 Victoria Drive. Organized by Don Davies? https://www.facebook.com/events/321014104768382/?ref_notif_type=plan_user_invited&source=29




Many other election-related events are going on every week.

We encourage people to check candidates’ and parties’ websites directly for more information. We are not aware of lists being compiled by the other parties. Please send us a message if you know of any.


An Evening with Bob Kasting Individual Mayoral Candidate, Oct 23, 2014 at 7:3o pm. Billy Bishop Legion 1407 Laburnum in Kitsilano. https://t.co/yDEoNbaNM5


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