Summary: Citizen’s Forum (Mt Pleasant) on tower proposal for Kingsway/Broadway/10th

The CityHallWatch citizen’s forum on a tower proposal in Mount Pleasant on April 27th, 2011, was well attended. There was a lively discussion by the participants. The evening began with talks by independent experts to present information about current zoning, the Mt. Pleasant Community Plan, the STIR program and the energy inefficiency of highrises. Many felt that the density and height of the developer’s current proposal for Kingsway/Broadway is out of line with current zoning and is in contravention of the Mount Pleasant Community Plan that involved thousands of residents, hundreds of thousands of dollars of Vancouver taxpayers’ money,  and took years to develop. Many suggestions and comments from the participants will be compiled soon on CityHallWatch, and follow-up meetings will be organized, so stay tuned. Some main themes of the meeting were that there is a need to (1) communicate and defend the recently approved Mount Pleasant Community Plan; (2) promote public debate about the energy performance and environmental performance of skyscrapers (proponents of tall towers should prove their claims); and (3) continue to promote public discussion about the future of Mount Pleasant based on the new community plan.

Citizen’s Forum 27 Apr (Wed) on tower proposal Kingsway/Broadway/10th (Mt Pleasant)

A Citizen’s Forum to discuss the 19 storey tower proposal
CityHallWatch sponsored a local citizen-organized forum on April 27 (Wed) 2011 from 6:30 to 9 pm at St.Patrickʼs Parish Hall, 2881 Main Street. Speakers provided an outline of the STIR program, plus independent analysis of the proposed tower and high density block redevelopment at E. Broadway. Then there was an open discussion and organization session. will soon carry a report of the meeting, including materials presented. It was well-attended and produced an active discussion. For regular updates please follow

Download poster: Citizens Forum on Broadway Kingsway Tower, 27-April-2011
Download handout: Forum Handout Broadway Kingsway Tower, 27-April-2011

Broadway/Kingsway Rezoning – April 12th Open House

The City of Vancouver Planning Department will be holding an Open House on the proposed rezoning at Kingsway and East Broadway on April 12th, between 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street. According to the City of Vancouver Planning Department the density of the proposed 26 storey tower and block development is 6.44 fsr, over twice the maximum permitted 3.0 fsr.

Planning Department flyer: Broadway_Kingsway open house flyer

It remains to be seen whether there be a substantial redesign of the proposal incorporating serious concerns raised by residents in good faith on the March 20th City and Developer sponsored workshop. Will the same material from the workshop be presented over again? For reference, the March 20th workshop handouts and panel photos are here: Workshop summary