Text of Reimer “Community Planning” motion

Proposed for November 2 in Council, essentially this motion says that when staff bring back a report on which neighbourhood is next up for planning, they bring enough information that the City might provide planning resources for up to three of the [five] neighbourhoods waiting for plans. The current system is called “Community Plan,” and Mount Pleasant (click to review report) is just at the end of this three-year, million dollar process.
As of October 19, 2010

Neighbourhood Planning Priorities – Options for Increasing Additional Planning Areas

Put this motion on notice at today’s council meeting so it will come for debate to November 2nd council meeting (or November 4th committee meeting if there are people who request to speak to it).

Neighbourhood Planning Priorities – Options for Increasing Additional Planning Areas

Moved by Andrea Reimer
Seconded by Raymond Louie

WHEREAS at the Planning and Environment Committee meeting on April 8, 2010 Council provided direction to staff to bring a report in Fall 2010 with recommended timelines for a West End planning process, using a criteria based system to rank the relative need for a West End planning process alongside the other neighbourhoods with plans and/or zoning guidelines that predate the City Plan process;

WHEREAS the preliminary ranking prepared by staff for a community meeting held on October 3, 2010 indicates that the five neighbourhoods studied – Grandview-Woodlands, Marpole, West End, Fairview and Kitsilano – all score very closely using the criteria developed in 2005 for the process that determined Mount Pleasant would be the next planning area at that time;

WHEREAS staff indicated during the April 8, 2010 Planning and Environment Committee debate that, under current budget constraints and using the existing neighbourhood planning process, there are only resources to initiate a new planning process in one additional neighbourhood

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT in order to inform the Fall 2010 staff report to Council regarding the timelines for neighbourhood plans to be initiated, Council express an interest in undertaking up to three additional neighbourhood planning processes at one time

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT as part of the report, staff include information on the implications of undertaking up to three additional neighbourhood planning processes, including potential impacts on finances, staffing, other ongoing planning processes, and/or changes to the process used to develop the additional neighbourhood plans.