CHW Newsletter

At the moment (2020) we have no immediate plans to create a CityHallWatch newsletter.

Meanwhile, we invite you to follow us on Twitter (@cityhallwchVAN). A tweet goes out automatically with every new post. You could also click “follow” at the top left of our homepage, which will then set you up to receive an e-mail with every new post.

As a gauge of interest in a potential CityHallWatch newsletter, please feel free to send us an e-mail to saying “CityHallWatch newsletter” indicating your interest. We welcome but do not require additional information, such as name, organization, municipality and key interests or concerns. Your input would be helpful for us to gauge the demand versus amount of effort required to put out a newsletter.

One thought on “CHW Newsletter

  1. Your site was just recommended at GWAC zoom meeting.
    Really useful site!
    My husband has used your site but it was new to me.
    Thank you for all your efforts..and we would be interested in a newsletter…
    most likely because we are in our 60s…
    But there are a lot of us and we tend to vote at least.

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