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Images and 3D models of the three main sites indicated in the staff policy report can be viewed and downloaded by looking at the sub-pages under the menu above (“Expert Analysis”).

City staff and developers have vast resources of consultants behind them. But WHO speaks in the public interest? Who can cross-check the statements of proponents of complex urban planning policies?

Most of these images model the impacts of the Toyota dealership site (Hornby & Drake)  proposal. More will be added later.

RIGHT-CLICK on this file below to download it (then delete the “.pdf” at the end and replace the hyphen before “kmz” with a period), and open it Google Earth (a free download from Google) for a treat. You will be able to view the city in 3D and get an idea of what the Hornby & Drake proposal will look like from various locations, including from Queen Elizabeth Park. Note that this is only a “massing” model intended to show the height of the Burrard Gateway proposal. Unfortunately there is too little information on the developer’s site to be able to create a model much better than this, so the emphasis of this model is on getting the heights of the building correct.

If you would like to experiment with Vancouver’s “view cones” you can use “VanMap” to view some of the city’s GIS data in a web browser (works best in Internet Explorer). It contains the view corridors as a layer you can turn on.
Click on ‘Start VanMap’ to get it up and running. Click option in the layers listed at the left called ‘View Cones.’ To see all of the available View Cones, select ‘Expand Layers’ under the Legend Options dropdown menu. Then you can individually toggle view cones on and off.

View cones: