Wish List

(Updated 16-May-2011) Here we compile an evolving list of the things we think are needed to fix the system in Vancouver. Comment function is open below. From among these, we ourselves will try to take action and encourage other citizens to join the cause by contributing their efforts too.

  1. Full and detailed public accounting on Vancouver’s density transfers and balances in the density bank. This should include the past five years and every new transaction. We would to see the names of the parties involved, the exact addresses, and the detailed calculations.
  2. A declaration by Vision Vancouver of who covered the quarter million dollars this elector organization owed at the end of the last civic election. See “Campaign Contributions” in tag cloud at bottom right of this page for more links to related information (how the debt was paid off).
  3. A declaration by all candidates and elector organizations in the civic election for November 2011 to the effect that they will not take political contributions from any party that stands to profit by major land use decisions. Or if they will accept donations, that they will disclose the names of donors who stand to benefit in any major rezoning decisions by Council (That is the spirit of the idea. Exact wording to be proposed later.)
  4. We wish that the planning department at City Hall would promptly issue a detailed report on existing zoning capacity in Vancouver, in detail, by neighbourhood. This was due before March 2011 and would indicate how much new population Vancouver could accommodate right now through development WITHOUT the need for any rezoning. This is important information for consideration and the public deserves to know it.
  5. To be continued.

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