NSV text for motion

Neighbourhoods for Sustainable Vancouver submitted this text for Council to consider. None of this was accepted, but at the meeting, it was agreed to defer the “therefore” paragraphs 1 and 3 (bolded below) to a future council meeting when staff report on which communities shall get the planning resources next.

Basically, before considering three neighbourhood plans at once, there should be a review of the public investment (considerable time, money, etc.) in recent planning exercises. Do all five communities listed for a Community Plan want one? Should it be conducted the same way as in Mount Pleasant? What are the specific planning needs of each community? The motion suggests that a review be conducted of the most recent cases, including Mt Pleasant, and secondly, Norquay. Whatever happens with Clr Reimer’s motion, the questions raised by NSV shouldl be addressed before any neighbourhoods launch upon the next multi-year  Community Plan process.

NSV – Planning motion Nov.2-10

Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver

November 2, 2010
Mayor Robertson and Councillors

Dear Mayor Robertson and Councillors:
Re: Motion on Neighbourhood Planning Priorities

This proposed motion on options for neighbourhood planning  below is based on input from NSV contacts and addresses crucial concerns. We ask that it be used to either replace or amend Councillor Reimer’s motion as Council sees fit. We urge all members of Council to work together to ensure that these points are satisfactorily addressed in Council’s directions to staff.


WHEREAS Mount Pleasant is now near the end of a four-year Community Plan process, and for the past five years Norquay Village has been the subject of a controversial Neighbourhood Centres planning process;

WHEREAS in the interests of making future neighbourhood planning more cost-effective, constructive, built on consensus and successful, the City should take this opportunity to learn from its most recent  community planning initiatives;

WHEREAS more discussion and insight is needed in regard to the City’s neighbourhood planning processes, including what a Community Plan should entail, before any decisions are made to initiate these processes in any neighbourhood;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT before council selects the next neighbourhood(s) to undergo a neighbourhood planning process, the community groups in these proposed next neighbourhoods (specifically but not limited to Grandview-Woodlands, Marpole, West End, Fairview and Kitsilano) be given adequate time to assess the outcomes of the current planning processes in Mount Pleasant and Norquay Village, and that these assessments be used in the city’s consideration and design of future neighbourhood planning processes;

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT no selection be made for the next neighbourhood(s) to undergo a planning process until enough time has been allowed for concerned parties to reflect on and consider the lessons learned, and provide well-considered input for Terms of Reference for the next process;

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT rezonings not consistent with existing Community or Local Area Plans or Area Policy Plan development guidelines not be brought forward for consideration by Council while these neighbourhoods are under consideration for a planning process.