CityHallWatch style sheet

  • Canadian English spellings
  • Sentence style capitalization of headings
  • Define abbreviations the first time they are mentioned in the abstract or text; also the first time they are mentioned in a Table/Figure heading.
  • Dates style: June 30, 2021 in a sentence, or 30-Jun-2021 to abbreviate.
  • Write 1990s rather than with an apostrophe or just 90s.
  • Write do not, cannot (not don’t, can’t)
  • Numbers 1 to 9 are written in full
  • A space after a number and before units, NOT before %
  • Generally, Chicago Manual of Style.  For example, punctuation goes BEFORE quotes, not after.
  • Above all, be clear, be clear, be clear.

One thought on “CityHallWatch style sheet

  1. There is an infestation of bugs in the city trees on 27th Ave west side of Oak St. These bugs are now invading my house and yard. I live on Oak St. south of 27th Ave. Can you let me know what is being done about this infestation.

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