Density bank, transfers, and more

Vancouver has a system of banking and transferring “density.” This is a hot topic and very important for the operations of our city and impacts on communities. Here we will compile info and resources to help citizens wade through the issues. CityHallWatch is calling for complete transparency and public accounting for transactions under this system.

To begin with, here are links to a variety of official information.

Vancouver’s Heritage Conservation system, with info about transfers of density.

Transfer of Density Program

To be continued…

Two reports were made to Council in June 2011 on these topics as below:
See agenda and documents here.

2010 Annual report on Public Benefits Acheived Through Approvals of Additional Density
(Also of interest: Annual Report on Development Cost Levies – Collection, Allocation and Remaining Balance)

The these reports dated June 22, 2011 were considered by Vancouver City Council’s Standing Committee on City Services and Budgets here:
June 30, 2011 (Thursday), 9:30 am, in Council Chamber, City Hall


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