Community Amenity Contributions (CACs)

Question: What is a good source of statistics for Vancouver’s Community Amenity Contributions? The City does not make it easy to find any numbers at all.

Answer: Try looking at the Capital Budget breakdowns for CAC info.

They have a quarterly breakdown under “Capital budget adjustments and closeouts.”

Here is a link to  and content of the City’s official web page, as of October 13, 2014.

Community Amenity Contributions

Children painting at Hillcrest Community Centre opening

Developments that are being rezoned can provide Community Amenity Contributions (CACs).

CACs are in-kind or cash contributions provided by property developers when City Council grants development rights through rezoning.

The demand on City facilities increases with rezonings, because of new residents and employees in the area. To lessen the impact on the community CACs address this increased demand by adding and expanding City facilities.

CACs help the City build and expand facilities including:

  • Park space
  • Libraries
  • Childcare facilities
  • Community centres
  • Transportation services
  • Cultural facilities
  • Neighbourhood houses

CAC policies

CAC policies vary across the city and are applied differently, depending on planning and land use change.

  • All downtown rezonings are processed with negotiated CACs on a site-by-site basis
  • The rest of the city outside of downtown are covered by the city-wide CAC policy, which sets out a framework for standard rezonings, non-standard rezonings, and exemptions
  • Standard rezonings use a flat rate approach
  • Non-standard rezonings use a negotiated approach, evaluated on a site-by-site basis

For more information on CAC policies, see the Community Amenity Contributions through rezonings policy:

For more information on the negotiated approach, see the Rezoning and Community Amenity Contributions – negotiating for a more liveable city brochure:

Map of downtown CAC boundaries

Map of downtown CAC boundaries

Map of city-wide CAC boundaries

Map of city-wide CAC boundaries

Compare Development Cost Levies and Community Amenity Contributions

DCLs vs CACs

View a comparison chart of Development Cost Levies and Community Amenity Contributions.

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Funding cultural spaces

In the past 25 years, CACs have helped fund over ten arts and culture facilities, such as the Orpheum renovation, Vancouver International Film Centre, and the Contemporary Art Gallery.

How we create cultural spaces

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