Vancouver’s Freedom of Information rated “C” (for extent) and “F” (for speed): Newspapers Canada audit of government FOI practices

In its 8th annual National Freedom of Information Audit, Newspapers Canada (a newspaper industry association) gives the City of Vancouver the mark of “C” for the extent ofVancouver City Hall from Cambie Street information it disclosed and an “F” for speed of responses.

From the press release:  “We found that governments may boast about being open with their data, but they don’t always live up to that talk,” says Newspapers Canada’s Senior Advisor, Policy and Public Affairs Jason Grier. “Open data doesn’t really mean much if it’s only carefully manicured data, with anything interesting or newsworthy stripped out before the public has access.”

Any government’s FOI performance is important not only for the media but for the general public and all of society. Candidates for the November 2014 civic elections should be grilled on how they would improve FOI practicies. Below are useful links and information. First, here is an excerpt of what the report says about Vancouver (page 38).

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