Scot Hein: My top 10 reasons why I support New Vancouver Specials

With permission, we are reproducing a letter from Scot Hein in support of the New Vancouver Specials motion on notice up at Council today (Enabling the Next Generation of Vancouver Specials).

I strongly support Councillor Wiebe’s motion before Council today.  The affordability potential of this idea is substantive because:

1. Land assembly is not required

2. Opportunity to “zero out” on site parking towards higher unit count with more affordable tenure

3. Has prospect for contextual fit through thoughtful design of form and scale (“architectural character” is absolutely achievable without emphasizing over regulated expression and style)

4. Allows homeowners an opportunity to unlock “unearned” land equity towards the greater good

5. Will introduce much needed family oriented housing near schools

6. Introduces potential for small scale, on-site, community making including inter-generational support systems

7. Can be delivered without non-value added soft costs such as project marketing and land assembly speculation

8. Will liberate new small scale tenure arrangements including formal/in-formal co-housing

9. Supports local shopping with more intensive, proximic/walkable, residential land use

10. Potential for innovation with creative designers and industry groups, such as Small Housing BC, towards related quick approvals turnaround of pre-approved catalogue designs (let’s aim for 2 weeks from submission to building permit in hand)

Thank-you in advance for supporting.

Scot Hein
Retired MAIBC
Licensed Architect, USA
Urban Design Professor, UBC
Lecturer, SFU City Programme
Founding Board Member, Urbanarium
Board Member, Small Housing BC
RAIC Architectural Advocacy Award Recipient

2 thoughts on “Scot Hein: My top 10 reasons why I support New Vancouver Specials

  1. What does “zero out onsite parking” mean?

    On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 11:28 AM CityHallWatch: Tools to engage

  2. What is the New Vancouver Sepcial supposed to be? This motion is really vague. Is it a house with a suite and laneway house? Is it a multi-plex?

    The former is basically what you can already build now, so I don’t get it. Or is it supposed to be faster approval of these houses with secondary suites?

    The latter would just be the Mayor’s Making Home proposal that I think is going to a pilot project?

    I just don’t get what is even being proposed.

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