Jericho Lands Model and Nov 3 Urban Design Panel meeting

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A physical model of a proposed development framework for the Jericho Lands is on display at City Hall. For the record, the above slideshow includes photos of the model.

The Jericho Lands were reviewed at an Urban Design Panel (UDP) meeting on November 3, 2021. More information about this meeting is available on Urban Design Panel webpage (located over here on the City’s website). Members of the UDP are appointed by the Nomination Sub-Committee chaired by Councillor Boyle.

The above screenshot is from the UDP agenda for Nov 3rd:
As of this writing, the minutes of the meeting are not available.

A side note. We have have evidence that the agenda for this November 3 meeting was only created on November 1, and it was posted on the UDP website only on that date or later. No one would have noticed it unless they happened to visit the page in the day or so before the meeting. On top of that, even the City-appointed Jericho Lands Working Group, engaged in consultations with City planners on this major development, did not receive any advance notice of the meeting. They were not given any opportunity to attend, follow online, or to submit correspondence. We would like to follow up with the UDP on this. Basically it is as if the meeting was held in secret. That’s unfortunate, due to the significance of the project. 

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