City needs to provide more info on liquor licence applications so that the public can comment: Case of 1464 West 7th

Photos: Notices of application for a liquor primary club licence.

CityHallWatch has received a letter from a citizen concerned about the lack of information provided to the public when the City seeks neighbourhood input on a liquor licence. Below are excerpts. This relates to one specific case (deadline for public comment is May 21) at 1464 West 7th Avenue, but is useful as a case study, showing the limited amount of information available to the neighbourhood, and the questions local residents have as a result.


The notice is extremely general in it’s scope and I’d appreciate a written response [from the City of Vancouver] to my specific concerns.

While the building is in a “PrImarily Mixed Use” area, immediately to the east of it and beyond on West 7th and West 8th is essentially residential. Why is it necessary to have what appears to be a 351 person capacity nightclub open until 12 am weeknights and 1 am on weekends, and possibly 1 am and 2 am respectively, in a residential area?

“Club members and their guests only” What exactly does this mean? Can members bring an unlimited number of “Guests”? Are there limitations? If so, what are they?

Does the [proponent] plan on operating this club themselves, or will they be contracting it out to a restaurant/bar management group (eg. Donnelly Group, Top Table, Granville Entertainment Group, etc.)?

“Occasional live music”. Can you define what “occasional” refers to in this instance?

“All types of entertainment may be permitted inside the establishment” What exactly does “All types” mean??? I was shocked to read this as part of the application, which essentially means there are no guidelines if/once the application is approved!!

“If certain criteria are satisfied, the operator can extend their liquor service….” What criteria? How is this determined? By who? How long after opening before this change request can be submitted?

Please forward me a copy of their application or provide me with a link to access it.

As there is only a three week period to provide comments, I’d appreciate a prompt written reply (not a phone call) to the above questions so I can forward them to my Strata Council, and those of my neighbours. I have also contacted 311 regarding this (Reference number 15026372).

4 thoughts on “City needs to provide more info on liquor licence applications so that the public can comment: Case of 1464 West 7th

  1. When I try to enter a Comment, the box is too small to see what I am typing.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Kep up your good work.



    • Are you on a computer or on a smartphone? If the latter, perhaps try from a computer and it might work better. Next, in the bottom right of the entry cell you might see a couple diagonal lines. If you click there and drag down, you might expand the space for typing. If that does not work, you could perhaps type your message in Word or text elsewhere, then copy and paste into the cell, then send. Does that help?

  2. I am not happy with the proposed minor change to the entertainment aspect of the licence application. There are 2 major towers goling up in this area as well as a subway station. This will add to the congestion in this residential but life goes on. Do we need a nightclub style liquor licence as well in the midst of all this development only 2 blocks off of Broadway? Let’s use some common sense and consider the working residents of this area who are firmly against the licence application as proposed. Surely there are other locations where their entertainment needs can be met.
    Just say NO.

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