City of Vancouver extends application deadline to June 4 for advisory committees, boards, panels

Photo: Example of a meeting in progress.

The City of Vancouver has tweeted out a new deadline for 12 advisory committees as June 4, 2021. Below is the tweet, and here is the link to the current list of openings:

Our previous post on the topic: “Openings on Advisory Panels. Application deadline March 31” link here.

Comment: The extension may mean that CoV did not get enough applicants. This will mean the committees will likely not start meeting until Sept. 2021. All previous advisory committees terms finished in April 2021, so this could mean no Advisory Committees functioning for at least 5 months.

Below is the current list of openings, copied verbatim.

The City of Vancouver is seeking volunteers for positions on the following advisory committees, boards or panels. Please apply for the below by June 4, 2021:

We encourage applicants of all ages, abilities, genders/gender identities, racialized identities, ethnicities, ancestries, sexual orientations, income levels (including those receiving social assistance or disability assistance), residential status and other lived experience to volunteer to help shape City public policy, services, and programs to better serve everyone in our community.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note: You do not need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to serve on an advisory body.

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