City of Vancouver online staff directory, Quickfind, added back to City website

This link will bring you to the City of Vancouver’s online staff directory, Quickfind:

To find staff, you can also use the organization chart if you don’t know the name of a specific person.

See our extensive list of  useful links to City Hall here.

While we’re at it, we must mention that citizens can search all City bylaws at the following link:

The search works by bylaw number, if known, or by keyword search.  When the bylaw is identified, select the appropriate folder and a new window will populate.  This window will show the consolidated bylaw as well as any amendments made to a particular bylaw (listed by date).

The City’s information line is good for anyone seeking assistance:

3-1-1 (within Vancouver)
604.873.7000 (outside Vancouver)

Hours are 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days/week, 365 days/year (including holidays). Interpretation services are available in over 170 languages.

The City of Vancouver’s website is

Many webpages were eliminated during the revamping of the website in 2012, but anyone with an old link to a web page, might still be able to find it by inserting the word “former.” (“former” followed by period) before the word “vancouver” in the old web address.

5 thoughts on “City of Vancouver online staff directory, Quickfind, added back to City website

  1. Oopsie, I think you got this WRONG I’ve been using it all along

    On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM, CityHallWatch: Tools for engagement in Vancouver city decisions, creating our future. wrote:

    > ** > urbanizta posted: “Apparently removed with the 2012 revamping of the > City of Vancouver website, CityHallWatch has learned that the online staff > directory, Quickfind, was recently added back: > To find staff, citizens can > also “

    • Vancouver staff at info 311 actually did write to CityHallWatch on Feb 14, 2013, that “The online staff directory, Quickfind, was recently added back to the website.” So not sure of the history, but happy to let readers know that a tool like Quickfind exists.

  2. I have been on the phone for 30 mins, this is the worst service i have seen. It was far easier in the past. Why i called i wish they would think of putting a proper traffic light at Joyce rd & 29th ave., before someone gets killed. There is a dip in the road at the bottom of the hill if you look south off of 29th and then look back, some times a small car gets in the blind spot. I think people coming from north to south do not know that you don’t always see them, and they do not slow down. I am sure there has been lots of accidents there.”Please check it out. thank you

    • Thanks. We will send a tweet to the @CityofVancouver which will also serve the function of alerting the general public to the hazard there. Please write back some time if you notice the work having been done to improve safety.

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