What are your thoughts about *NOISE* in Vancouver? City seeks input to update Noise Control By-law. Survey ends May 30 for multi-year project.

Below is a public service announcement from City of Vancouver, plus some online resources we have put together. Vancouver’s online survey ends May 30, 2023. CityHallWatch held an online webinar with experts on May 18 on this topic. (See link for lots of materials/resources plus the video recording – https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2023/05/12/chw-webinar-vancouver-noise-may-18/ )

As an aside, did you know that International Noise Awareness Day this year was on April 26, 2023? Did you know that Vancouver is the proud home of the Right to Quiet Society, a wonderful resource. This consultation and review process by the City of Vancouver is a great opportunity for public input. People experience many kinds of noise in cities, and it affects us and the natural environment.

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Notice from City of Vancouver

Tell us your thoughts about Noise in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver is undertaking an extensive review to modernize and enhance the Noise Control By-law. As a part of the first phase of this multi-year project the City is seeking input from everyone who lives, works or operates a business in Vancouver. 

The City is asking people to share what they think about the City’s approach to regulating noise in Vancouver and identify areas that could be improved. The online survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. 

SURVEY LINK (Noise Control By-Law review): https://www.shapeyourcity.ca/noise-control-by-law-review

The City supports protecting the public’s right to enjoy public spaces without unreasonable noise nuisances, while also supporting economic and cultural activity and growth. Feedback received will help identify area of focus for staff and shape future revisions to the by-law. Results will be included in an update to Council later this year

Get involved  

Visit the Shape Your City page to learn more about the Noise Control By-law review and to complete the online survey, which is open until May 30.  Auto-translations are available at the top of the page.


RESOURCES (compiled by CityHallWatch – we welcome more suggestions)

Over the years, CityHallWatch has covered the issues of noise vs quiet a number of times. From the media you can clearly see that residents do love their quiet and have various concerns about various noise sources (traffic, parties, boats on the water, amplifiers and buskers, loud cars/trucks/motorcycles, leaf blowers, and more). We know that people do pay attention to the sound environment. More and more scientific research is coming out about the human health benefits of quiet and the ability to have access to natural sounds. And about the need for quiet for all forms of wildlife, even insects to survive and thrive in their ecosystems and lifecycles.

Learn the limits when making noise (City of Vancouver web page): https://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/noise-limits.aspx

Right to Quiet Society (Society for soundscape awareness and protection): https://quiet.org/ and on Twitter @RightToQuiet

International Noise Awareness Day (lots of resources): https://noiseawareness.org/

International Noise Awareness Day, April 28, 2021: SILENCE! Today at 2:15 pm for one minute: https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2021/04/28/international-noise-awareness-day-april-28/

1401 Comox (1061 Broughton, 1051 Broughton, The Lauren) – Why Vancouver must transform regulations and construction industry practices: https://1401comox.wordpress.com/

Types of noise. Image credit: City of Vancouver

4 thoughts on “What are your thoughts about *NOISE* in Vancouver? City seeks input to update Noise Control By-law. Survey ends May 30 for multi-year project.

  1. Without enforcement, it makes no difference whether the Noise bylaw, or any bylaw, is changed or not. The point is moot. The primary problem in the City is ENFORCEMENT; we have none. It is outrageous that with a World Class City, and one bursting at the seams, without sufficient affordable housing, without efficient transportation routes, devastated by homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health inadequacies, with increasing crime, dangerous encampments and police officers suspected or found guilty of brutality and murder, that our City government is spending its time and our money on trivialities, such as a 25 cent cup fee or a change to a noise bylaw. Apparently, this is all they are capable of doing. I am embarrassed to live in this cesspool of incompetence. If laws don’t have teeth, they are worse than no laws at all.

  2. Thanks for altering us to the noise survey. I just did it. My main complaints continue to be 1. Noise from constant construction and 2. Noise from some landscaping equipment. I don’t live too close to main arterials so I am lucky. But, there have been three new houses and laneway houses built directly across the lane from me, and a new duplex across the street. Another one, just a few doors down, will be coming down soon. I am sure there are far worse stories out there, like the folks who live near the coming subway line. Yikes!

    • I think there is more to this noise bylaw rework than meets the eye. One needs to wonder what is the real reason behind this rework. The City rarely tells all. Could it have anything to do with the approved 800 Granville St 24/7 entertainment complex not too far from residential buildings and the approved 10,000 capacity amphitheatre set in a quiet residential neighbourhood?

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