A virtual bike tour of Vancouver’s waterfront

This is a virtual bike tour (video with audio) of Vancouver’s waterfront, by the City of Vancouver’s Senior Urban Designer Scot Hein with Josh Bassett for presentation in 2012 at the Waterfront Centre, a respected Washington, DC think tank advocating for design excellence. Since then, much more ongoing design work has occurred, including Northeast False Creek and related park space at the end of the Creek, and more is coming, including waterfront and under-bridge amenities anticipated with Senakw.

Watch the dots as you move along the course and see the features and attractions being shown.

Below is the same content in slide show. You can click at your own pace, back and forth.

3 thoughts on “A virtual bike tour of Vancouver’s waterfront

  1. Only the “pretty bits” in the tour.
    And stops at the “Non-public harbour”

    It used to be freely accessible, Fishermans’ Wharf, the Pools, Restaurants and such.

    As BIG ships freighters can no longer enter Vancouver’s shallow harbour, a “tour” should include all the docks, roads along the inner harbour to at least Boundary Road, if not to Sperling/Barnet.

    Time to have a deep sea harbour in Bute Inlet, let the trains go there to meet the ships and carry goods to & from Eastern Canada.
    Then the Vancouver harbour is truly free–vastly polluted–but full public-access to the shores, north-side and south-side of Burrard Inlet..

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