Group calls for protest about upcoming ‘Stanley Park Mobility Study’ decision – Park Board meeting 18-Jul/Mon 6:30 pm

We’re sharing this notice from the Stanley Park for All Committee.


Park Board Meeting Monday, July 18, 2022, 6:30 pm – Stanley Park Mobility Study

Meeting agenda/documents:

Vancouver Park Board,

The Park Board is bringing forward an interim report of the Stanley Park Mobility Study to approve guiding principles designed to permanently eliminate cars from Stanley Park. It is being rammed through at the last meeting of the outgoing board, on Monday, July 18, 2022, in an attempt to tie the hands of the next park board. (A copy of the Report is at this link – PDF.)

The Beach Ave entrance/exit to Stanley Park is still blocked to vehicles. One lane of Park Drive around Stanley Park is blocked off for bicycles and all vehicles are being funnelled out along North Lagoon Road onto busy Georgia Street, causing major congestion in Stanley Park. Last weekend the Park Board and City of Vancouver put up signs for motorists crossing the Lions Gate Bridge and Burrard Street Bridge not to drive to Stanley Park because of the congestion. When the work begins next year on the tunnel under Stanley Park to replace the Metro Vancouver water main, huge dump trucks using the one lane for traffic on Park Drive will make going to Stanley Park impossible for drivers.

Please do these 3 things:

1) Write to the Park Board Commissioners and the Park Board General Manager,

2) Sign up online to speak in person at the Monday night Park Board meeting, 

link:  Speak at a Park Board meeting about an agenda item | City of Vancouver

3) Come to the Park Board office on Monday night at 6:30 to protest

2099 Beach Ave (Corner of Beach Ave and Park Lane)

If you can’t make it down to the Park Board office, please write and register to speak by phone.

Monday night’s agenda is packed and it’s the last agenda item as a strategy to wear us down, but please hang in there. It’s our last chance to save Stanley Park before it’s too late.

Tell the Park Board in your own words that:

  • You want Stanley Park returned NOW to the way it was!
  • You are tired of the public not being listened to, their surveys and targeted consultation are biased and written to achieve the results they wanted.
  • Nothing in the report or what they are talking about even mentions the traffic snarls that will be created when the work begins in Stanley Park next year to replace Metro Vancouver water main.

Please spread the word and get your friends to sign up online to speak and come out to protest. We need a huge turn out to get our message across before it’s too late. The people of Vancouver love Stanley Park and do not want it taken away from them.

Thank you for helping save Stanley Park

Stanley Park for All Committee

2 thoughts on “Group calls for protest about upcoming ‘Stanley Park Mobility Study’ decision – Park Board meeting 18-Jul/Mon 6:30 pm

  1. Please return Stanley Park to its previous set up with driving lanes etc. before all the changes instigated by the Parks Board – and stop messing with something that worked well before things kept being re-jeigged and changed.

  2. Am I to understand that as a 75-year old I will no longer be able to visit Stanley Park? If there are to be NO vehicles at all, how will most of. us ever visit it again? Does this mean our taxes will no longer go towards its upkeep? I find that it costs me more than$3.50 per hour to visit the parks in Vancouver which is already a crying shame, as being in a park is the closest I get to being in nature in a city! I’m sure that those who can will ride their bikes to the parks, but it’s not possible for everyone, not for the elderly (of whom there will be more and more as the baby-boomers progress through their lives) or the disabled…this seems like a cruel and unhelpful decision, and reduces the parks’ stature to a wish-list!

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