Renderings of 625-777 Pacific Street (Granville Loops). Public Hearing Tuesday, July 12th

The rezoning of City-owned land at 625-777 Pacific Street is the final agenda item at the Public Hearing on July 12th. To give an indication of the size of the project, we’ve included several renderings in a slideshow. The building data was released by the City of Vancouver via a FOI request.

See related post on the Public Hearing here. Since this is public land the City wants to rezone, a high level of scrutiny is required. The applicant is “the General Manager of Real Estate and Facilities Management, on behalf the City of Vancouver.” And the owner? “The City of Vancouver, the registered owner of the lands.” There will be hundreds of millions of dollars of value created by this rezoning (and even possible further upzoning in the future on these sites). How will the City ensure that it is transparent and captures the best value of this land for the public benefit, and not end up excessively enriching future owners?

Postscript after the hearing: In just over 90 minutes, with just two speakers from the public, in a total of 90 minutes, the majority voted to approve the rezoning. This despite some members of Council expressing confusion about the actual nature of the decision, concern about encouraging luxury strata condos on publicly-owned land, and questions about whether or not the proposal was really the right way to get the most public benefit for citizens of Vancouver from prime real estate. Council needed some explanations about their role as regulator (power to rezoning) versus property owner. Now that they have approved this, Council effectively lose control of what happens on the site, other than a future decision in camera (in secret, away from the public eye) regarding sale (or, unlikely but not impossible, lease) of the sites. Decisions going forward move to internal processes, largely out of view of the public.

3 thoughts on “Renderings of 625-777 Pacific Street (Granville Loops). Public Hearing Tuesday, July 12th

  1. Didn’t we just spend several million dollars over two years retro fitting this same bridge with seismic upgrades to survive a major earthquake.? And NOW they want to take it apart? Just going to throw this question out and see if it sticks to the wall but won’t chopping off major structural support destabilize the bridge as a whole making all that work null and void? And isn’t doing this to things like parts of the cities major infrastructure (which is kind of important to how it functions and not fall apart) be oh I don’t know..really, REALLY stupid? Just asking…

  2. Looks like the 1% of remIning mountain views will soon be concretized… Well played, CoV… no one saw that one coming. Breaking all your own rules and setting precedent for others to follow your lead in destroying the Commons for all.

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