Scot Hein’s analysis of three-tower rezoning proposal at 1780 E Broadway and Commercial (Safeway site). Public hearing July 7th

Above: Click to view the video

Scot Hein is an adjunct professor in the master of urban design program at University of British Columbia. He was previously the senior urban designer with the City of Vancouver.

Scot Hein’s presentation, featured in this post, was originally done in preparation for a meeting that was scheduled with Mayor Stewart on May 10, 2022. Unfortunately, that meeting ended up as a presentation to a only couple of City staffers, with no mayor present. The video of the presentation was recorded at a Public Forum of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council on June 6, 2022. In the presentation, he examines “the accountability and integrity of the public process” still believes that a “win-win” scenario is possible, but that it will take “huge political will” to make it happen. He outlines a number of key areas that show a “public process disconnection / breach of trust”. Notably, he ran the City of Vancouver’s Urban Design Studio for the last 10 years of his 20 year tenure at the CoV, before leaving in 2014, and shifting over to teach urban design at UBC.

The Public Hearing for the rezoning at 1780 East Broadway is scheduled for Thursday, July 7th at 6pm. Speaker registration and comments are now open on the public hearing agenda page. More information about the rezoning application can be found on the City’s ShapeYourCity portal and a grassroots community group analysis of the proposal is available at No Safeway Megatowers.

Above: Former City of Vancouver Senior Urban Designer Scot Hein presented a detailed history and analysis of the Safeway site rezoning at 1780 East Broadway

Scot has also published a book in 2022 entitled Zoning Must Evolve. Some of his material is also available on Spacing Vancouver ( A recent article is “Broadway and Commercial: A Public Process Failure?” (June 14, 2022)

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