Broadway Plan debate (Wednesday, June 22, 2022)

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The debate on the Broadway Plan is set to resume at 9:30am on Wednesday, June 22nd. City Council will continue to look at amendments to the plan. What will the final outcome of the Broadway Plan be? We’ve included a possible scenario in the slideshow above showing a theoretical build out.

At the previous Broadway Plan meeting on June 9th, there was an amendment proposed (that later failed) to change the boundaries of the plan area to include the Safeway site on W4th Avenue on the west side of Vine. The Broadway Plan area extends only to the east side of Vine Street.

Above: Safeway site at Vine and West 4th. The boundary of the Broadway Plan area falls on Vine Street. Councillor DeGenova brought forward a last-minute surprise amendment that would have included this site in the Broadway Plan by changing the plan boundaries (the amendment failed).

There were attempts to change the number of towers permitted in a residential block. Planning staff had said that usually up to two towers per block would be allowed. There was an attempt to remove this restriction (by Councillor De Genova), which was turned down, and instead an amendment (by Councillor Kirby-Yung) to allow up to 3 towers per residential block was adopted. The reduction in the minimum frontage for a tower site was also reduced from 150 feet to 99 feet. These are very significant changes made on the fly, after all public consultation, after all speakers were heard, on the floor of Council. Is there a better way to make a plan for 500 blocks in Vancouver than planning by last minute amendment? Should these changes be reversed by a future Council due to breach of fair public process? These may become topics for the coming civic election as the public looks at the behaviour of individuals in this current City Council.

Above: Illustration to show three towers per block (amendment by Councillor Kirby-Yung). Pictured are a number of theoretical towers around Yew Street and Vine Street, north of West 8th Avenue in residential apartment zone.

The property at 460 East 6th Avenue is around 132 ft in width (in the category of being under 150 feet in width but greater than 99 feet)

The amendment to reduce the minimum lot size in residential rental zones (mostly current RM and FM zones) would increase the number of potential tower sites and consequently, the impacts on renters. There are many sites that are under 150 feet in length but are 99 feet or wider (or three standard 33 ft. lots). This change would be on top of the amendment to allow up to three towers per block in residential apartment zones.

Rental building with 23 units on 100 ft lot at 1110 West 10th Avenue. Sold for $10,420,000 in 2018

1705 West 10th Avenue is a site that’s around 100 ft in width

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