Renderings of Broadway Plan build out for Kitsilano and Fairview

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The Broadway Plan will be in front out City Council today (May 25th). Council will continue the meeting by hearing from speaker number 67 out of a total of 202 speakers. (Update: the meeting will resume again on Thursday, May 26th, 3pm to 10pm, with a break from 5pm to 6pm).

To take a look at the proposed changes put forward by staff in this plan, we’ve included renderings of a possible build out scenario. The included renderings are of Kitsilano and Fairview (in previous posts we’ve included other parts of the Broadway Plan area). The shadows are at 10am on March 20th (spring equinox). The speakers list for this Council Committee meeting is now closed. However, it’s still possible to send comments to Council through several channels, including sending a comment with the link on the meeting agenda page.

To support public dialogue, we welcome interested parties (media, Vancouver residents, and neighbourhood associations, in particular) to use the independently generated renderings presented, with “Credit for renderings to Stephen Bohus, BLA.” We do appreciate a concise e-mail if you do ( For more detail on how the renderings were created, please see one of our previous posts.

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