A look at a massing model of a Broadway Plan build out. Council meeting resumes on Wednesday, May 25th

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The Broadway Plan debate resumes at City Council on Wednesday, May 25th at 3pm (Update: the meeting will resume again on Thursday, May 26th, 3pm to 10pm). Council will continue with speaker #67, out of a total of 202 speakers. If any speaker missed their turn, they’ll be able to speak at the end after all registered speakers have been called. In anticipation of the resumption of the Council Committee meeting, we’ve included additional renderings of a massing model that shows a build out of the Broadway Plan. Several of the buildings in this series have been dressed up with a little bit of building façade articulation with the addition of windows. The overall massing hasn’t changed in the massing model. The shadows are at 10am on March 20th (spring equinox). In a previous post, we included windows on some of the renderings related to the rental building sites that were examined (the article looked at a few of the rental buildings that might be redeveloped under the proposed plan).

The Broadway Plan item is being considered in the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities that began on May 18, 2022. As this is a committee meeting, anyone who wished to speak to Council was required to be sign up by 8:30am on May 18th; the speakers list is now closed. However, it’s still possible to send comments to Council through several channels, including sending a comment with the link on the meeting agenda page.

To support public dialogue, we welcome interested parties (media, Vancouver residents, and neighbourhood associations, in particular) to use the independently generated renderings presented, with “Credit for renderings to Stephen Bohus, BLA.” We do appreciate a concise e-mail if you do (citizenYVR@gmail.com). For more detail on how the renderings were created, please see one of our previous posts.

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