Video compilation of ‘Stop the Broadway Plan’ rally at City Hall (May 7) and a call to action (documentary maker Elvira Lount)

Above: A scene from the May 7 rally demanding more respect from City Hall for neighbourhoods and opposing the Broadway Plan (imminent Council decision May 18) and other major plans in progress.

Below we are sharing an e-mail and links from local documentary maker Elvira Lount, of Utopia Pictures.


For those of you who missed the Stop the Broadway Plan May 7 Rally here is my video. For those who were there, it’s worth watching again, plus I’ve added a few touches!

Please share far and wide, and either sign up to speak at the City Council meeting on May 18, 2022, or send a comment via the City website by the end of May 17. You can do both here.

You can also email Council

My photos from the Rally are here:

The focus of the Broadway Plan on towers and demovicting low income residents in low rise apartments in Mount Pleasant, Fairview and East Kitsilano, will have a massive impact on the liveability, sustainability and affordability of these neighbourhoods in the Broadway Corridor. Furthermore, there are no new schools, community centres and very little new park space in the plan. This is a VERY important issue to turn your attention to. The Broadway Plan envisions turning the Broadway Corridor into a 2nd downtown.

Here’s the Report to Council:

Here’s the “final” Broadway plan (for now):

Read the City Hall Watch coverage here:

Brian Palmquist’s City Conversations Blog

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Petition: Help Local Vancouver Businesses Survive the Broadway Subway Project

Save Alma Blackwell Facebook Group

Jericho Coalition – “No Towers at Jericho – there are better options”

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