Rally at City Hall – Saturday May 7 at 11 am! Neighbourhoods across Vancouver in protest of Broadway Plan and citywide Vancouver Plan

SLIDESHOW: Renderings showing the possible locations and heights of towers when the Broadway Plan is fully built out. The City has not publicly shared any 3D images of what’s in store, so this required hundreds of hours of effort by a small team of expert volunteers for research, analysis, and modelling. They had to work carefully through the fine print in the documentation to get this. The views show many parts of the Broadway Plan area, starting with one view a few hundred feet over Connaught Park (near 12th and Vine) in Kitsilano, looking eastward as far as Clark Drive, with towers ranging from 1st Avenue on the left to 16th Avenue on the right. North Shore mountains are on the left. The sun angle is at 10 am on March 20. Stay tuned, as we will be releasing more renderings of the Broadway Plan, moving section by section, west to east, prior to the May 18 Council meeting. Renderings by S. Bohus, BLA.

(Update: Related media links have been added at bottom of this post.)

A grassroots rally for neighbourhoods all across Vancouver is being organized for the north steps of City Hall at 11 am this Saturday, May 7, 2022.

PDF downloads: 2-page notice and 1-page poster for printing/posting in lobbies, bulletin boards, etc.

Short URL for sharing via social media: https://wp.me/p18o1P-iXq

QR code to this page: Right click here to download.

Attendees will hear presentations and speeches about what the City has in store, and what can be done about it. The City has not communicated to the public the true impacts of what planners and nearly all on the current City Council have in mind. See for yourselves on the City’s official web pages for the Broadway Plan (https://shapeyourcity.ca/broadway-plan) and Vancouver Plan (https://vancouverplan.ca/). The intention appears to get all of this approved at least three months before the October 15 civic elections.

The Broadway Plan, if approved, would lead to massive speculation, rezoning, displacement of renters and owners both, demolition, and construction in an area spanning 485 city blocks (Vine to Clark, and 1st Avenue to 16th), with 180 towers, some up to 40 storeys high, affecting nearly 500 city blocks. This Plan goes before City Council on May 18, 2022, but could carry over to more days if many people sign up to speak.

The Vancouver Plan is citywide and equally significant. It is set to go before Council by the end of June. Once these two plans are adopted, it would be a short step to designate them as Vancouver’s official development plan later this year. From there, the provincial government is intending to eliminate the requirement for Vancouver to hold public hearings on rezonings. The result? Basically, public influence on anything developers apply for would be reduced nearly to zero. Elections are only every four years. Next chance would be 2026. Many people will be surprised when they realize the magnitude of all this.

MEDIA: For higher quality renderings, please contact CityHallWatch at citizenYVR@cityhallwatch

TIP: Brian Palmquist had done extensive analysis and writing on the issues at hand in his City Conversations series. Please see this page for the full list and links.

POSTER (1 pager, to download/print/post):

NOTICE (2 pager)



New plans map out a towering future for Vancouver along Broadway corridor (Kerry Gold, Globe and Mail 6-May-2022)
Link: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/vancouver/article-new-plans-map-out-a-towering-future-for-vancouver-along-broadway/

How SkyTrain Derails Affordable Housing (Jen St. Denis, The Tyee, 6-May-2022)
In Vancouver, new subway lines spawn pricey new units and benefit high-income people most. Can we even the scales?
Link: https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2022/05/06/How-SkyTrain-Derails-Affordable-Housing/

Vancouver’s Dramatic New Plan for Broadway: Five Questions
Here’s what’s in the sweeping proposal, and what council needs to know before voting on it. (Patrick Condon, 29-Nov-2021)
Link: https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2021/11/29/Vancouver-Dramatic-New-Plan-Broadway-Five-Questions/

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