1477 W Broadway (39 storeys) at Granville St: Comparison of scale of what was already approved versus what the applicant now seeks (Public Hearing April 14, 19, 21, 26)

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The rezoning application for a 39-storey tower proposed at 1477 West Broadway goes to Public Hearing starting on April 14, 2022. UPDATE: This public hearing continues on April 19, and may carry over to April 21. We’ve previously written several articles about this controversial tower rezoning. Please see the links further below for more background. Here we will compare the scale and massing of the proposed tower against the massing of the building that the Development Permit Board approved under existing C-3A zoning on December 9, 2019. From the public perspective, it is a bit of a bizarre story. The developer already had a development permit approved and construction is well under way. But subsequently, PCI Developments (the applicant on behalf of a famous corporation known as 1489 West Broadway Nominee Corp.) came back seeking a rezoning for a much taller and bulkier building, with the overt support and endorsement of planning staff. A number of amazing backflips have been done by the City to let the rezoning application get to this point at a public hearing.

Construction is currently underway on the site the design based on the development permit (82.9ft / 25.28m height, 3.0 FSR). We’ve also compared the massing with the former RBC Royal Bank building that occupied part of this property. (Note: the site has been expanded with the addition of the former laneway and three lots that were on the other side of the laneway; the City is stalling its reply on an FOI request for the release of further information about the sale and closure of this City-owned laneway. In our experience, that usually means some deal was made that was not in the public interest.)

The renderings speak for themselves. We’ve labelled the comparisons in the slideshow.

Above: Construction scene, work already underway based on currently-approved development permit (April 2022)


To support public dialogue, we welcome interested parties (media, Vancouver residents, and neighbourhood associations, in particular) to use the images presented, with “Credit for renderings to Stephen Bohus, BLA.” We do appreciate a concise e-mail if you do (citizenYVR@gmail.com). For more detail on how the renderings were created, please see one of our previous posts.

Above: Photograph from 2015 that shows the RBC Royal Bank building (now demolished)

Above: April 2022. Note scale of building across from the site on northwest property.

Granville at street level, approved Development Permit Design

Granville at street level, rezoning application. Notice that with this choice of frame the top of the tower is cut off.

Above: On left is design massing model of what was approved with the current development permit. On right is what is currently being proposed (wide angle rendering was used in order to fit entire tower into frame).

Above: View from the “control point for View Cone 20. Protections given from this control point helped preserve views from other locations.

Above: Massing (transparent) under the rezoning application going to the public hearing April 14, overlaid on what was approved under the current development permit (solid). Viewed from West Broadway, between Granville and Fir.

Above: For comparison, here’s West Broadway in a photo from 2014 showing the scale of the former RBC building on the site (building on the right).

Development Application Sign (DP-2019-00704)

Above: Former RBC building (now demolished), northeast corner of Granville and West Broadway

Above: Photo from 2014

Above: Former RBC build model on northeast corner of Granville and West Broadway (left) and proposed tower massing model (right)

One thought on “1477 W Broadway (39 storeys) at Granville St: Comparison of scale of what was already approved versus what the applicant now seeks (Public Hearing April 14, 19, 21, 26)

  1. One minute I think this is a done deal; the city is not going to turn down a rezoning which would jeopardize the completion of a Broadway Subway station.

    The next minute I think: why not reject the rezoning? It is the last chance for council to show that they have a backbone before the election.

    The developer can just bloody well redesign it to something that is acceptable, or else they will have to put their construction project on hold for the next 5 years. This is what happened to the supposed Walmart on SE Marine Drive. So it can be done.

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