City staff head count set to swell by 513 from 2018 levels. 8,798 positions forecast in 2022 Budget.

The head count at the City of Vancouver is projected to increase to 8,798 full-time equivalent positions in 2022. This is up by 513 positions from 2018 (see table). The forecast sees an increase of 160 positions over 2021. The planning department is set to increase in size by around 65 positions for 2022 from 2018 levels. The current City Council, consisting of mayor and ten councillors, has been in office since December 5, 2018.

In 2020, 1,440 City of Vancouver employees earned over $100,000 as recorded in the sunshine list (this list contains the names of employees earning over $75,000). We’ve previously published the salaries of some the City’s top wage earners for 2020; the former City Manager took home $354,698 last year.

Further details of the changes in the staff count can be found buried on page 171 of the 2022 Operating Budget. Vancouver City Council is set to debate the 2022 Budget on Tuesday, December 7th.

The senior management of any organization is expected to monitor and manage human resources levels, and at the top is the city manager (Paul Mochrie replaced Sadhu Johnston in January 2021), but ultimately the buck stops with the elected officials. Are they exercising enough restraint? It seems like there were no staff reductions at City Hall compared to what happened in the private sector in response to the pandemic. Other factors to consider are the numbers and ratios of union vs non-union positions, but we are not aware of such information available to the public.

Scroll down to Page 171 for more information on Total Full-time equivalents (FTE):

Click to access 1f.pdf

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