Atira Bans Journalist

The Flint at 1516 Powell St is run by the Atira Women’s Resource Society

Atira Property Management Inc. has blocked veteran journalist Jen St. Denis, writing for The Tyee, from speaking with tenants and from entering their buildings when accompanied with a resident. On October 8th, 2021, St. Denis wrote a piece about the conditions at the Flint, a building that is managed by Atira:

SRO Tenants Have Lived with Broken Windows for Years The city has ordered the property managers to fix the problem. Tenants have been complaining for months. (Jen St. Denis, 8 Oct 2021, The Tyee)

Is Atira’s response essentially to bar reporters from speaking to tenants?

The information about the ban was shared via twitter and included this tweet from meenakshi:

Significant taxpayer resources go to support Atira’s work. Social services agencies do a lot of good and help provide shelter and meals to many people who would otherwise be homeless and go hungry. That being said, should there be a reasonable expectation that Atira could take a little bit of the media spotlight when shortcomings about their operations are examined by the press?

We’ll let some readers who don’t follow the social services in too much detail in on a little secret. The vast majority of the tenants (90-plus percent) are great and get along fine. It’s a tiny minority of the residents that can create friction. It might be worth noting that some housing providers turn a blind eye when just a few of the residents take all kinds of second hand goods and used bikes in and out of the premises on a regular basis (a factor that can create friction with the immediate area). The success of a housing site is very much dependent on the management team and the manager at the location.

Atira manages just over 1,000 non-profit housing units in the City of Vancouver (data from February 2021).

Name Address Units SqFt Zoning YearBuilt
Marble Arch Hotel 518 Richards 150 8950 DD 1909
The Rice Block 404 Hawks Ave 38 3040 M-1 1906
Sorella 525 Abbott St 108 17104 DD 2011
Marr Hotel 401 Powell St 29 6100 DEOD 1890
Dominion Hotel 210 Abbott St 63 9400 HA-2 1901
Cordova Residence 54 E Cordova St 30 3040 HA-2 1912
566 Powell Street 566 Powell St 12 3040 DEOD 1912
Imouto House 120 Jackson Av 30 6100 DEOD 1912
London Hotel 208 E Georgia St 72 68110 HA-1A 2018
Ross House 313 Alexander St 24 1663 I-4 2019
Gastown Hotel 110 Water St 95 4697 HA-2 1910
Arco Hotel 81 – 83 W Pender St 63 2980 DD 1912
41 E Hastings 41 E Hastings 120 12336 CD-1(608) 2018
525 Powell Street 525 Powell St 39 21227 DEOD 2018
Sarah Ross House 4480 Kaslo 52 60000 CD-1(223) 2018
The Flint 1516 Powell ~90 22250 M-2 1905

Following business licenses can be found for Atira:

One thought on “Atira Bans Journalist

  1. I’ve heard horrible things about Atira and I’m in the not for profit sector and an anti-poverty activist. Thank you Jen!

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