Outdoor Pool Study at Park Board (Monday, Nov-15-2021). Details released on Hillcrest and Mount Pleasant Park Pools

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Vancouver Park Board will review an Outdoor Pool Study on Monday, November 15th. The study includes detailed design proposals for outdoor pools at Mount Pleasant Park and at the Hillcrest Community Centre.

The estimated costs for the outdoor pools are pegged at $11,439,100 for Mount Pleasant Park (Ontario Street and 15th Avenue) and $5,386,779 for Hillcrest Centre (Clancy Loranger Way / Hillcrest Park). Mount Pleasant Park once had an Outdoor Pool and it was demolished under Vision Vancouver back in 2010 despite significant public pushback. It’s great that the City is considering new outdoor pools for the community, but it’s unfortunate that basically one generation of local families didn’t have the benefit of what existed already, and that millions of dollars of tax money are needed to get back to what already existed in 2010.

The Outdoor Pool Study is set as the as the first item of business at the Regular Board Meeting, which is held after the scheduled Committee Meeting. The report is for information only. It will be presented as the VanSplash Implementation Update & Outdoor Pool Study Supplementary Material: Outdoor Pool Study Report. As this report is being presented at the Regular Board Meeting (and not in Committee), members of the public cannot speak to the item, but may follow the presentation and deliberations online.


Park Board Agenda November 15, 2021, 6:30pm (Regular Board Meeting)

Vancouver only has only 3 outdoor swimming pools. A comparison with other Canadian cities (CityHallWatch, April 24, 2015)

Residents in support of neighbourhood and outdoor pools plan rally June 10 in front of City Hall (CityHallWatch, June 10, 2019)

Celebrate the July 21 official re-opening of Mount Pleasant Park, support calls for outdoor pool
(July 15, 2012)

Door “still open” to save old Mount Pleasant pool, park board’s Aaron Jasper says (The Straight, Matthew Burrows, June 3rd, 2009)

Mount Pleasant pool in next capital plan? (State of Vancouver Frances Bula on city life and politics, June 23rd, 2010)



Click to access REPORT-OutdoorPoolStudy-October2021-20211108.pdf

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Pool Study at Park Board (Monday, Nov-15-2021). Details released on Hillcrest and Mount Pleasant Park Pools

  1. Please support the Mount Pleasant Pool replacementvwith no further delays. Park Board passed the following resolution on October 28, 2019.
    VanSplash Resolution A2: Provide a new outdoor pool at Mount Pleasant Park as described in the Mount Pleasant Park Upgrade Report dated October 20, 2010.

  2. With no land purchase, how can digging dirt and pouring a concrete pool and lining it possibly cost $11.4 million??????? I smell suitcases of money changing hands somewhere. Also more suitcases of money when the public consultation processes cease, as you noted they will in your most recent blog. CityHallWatch needs to be a Facebook Page that people subscribe to. I’m concerned that you’re not reaching enough people using only email. What you say is so important to so many who have no idea what’s going on at City Hall. It’s horrifying. I’d love to see someone do title searches on all the Broadway commercial property and see who it is that’s benefitting from the train they’re putting in that the citizenry said no to in a plebiscite a decade ago. And yet here it is. Boggles the mind.

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