Special Council meeting TONIGHT 6 pm on the citywide Vancouver Plan will hear from expert panel in a ‘data-driven discussion’ about planning for growth (Tues, Sept 28)

A neighbourhood map of Vancouver, screengrab from VanMap

Today, Tuesday, September 28, 2021, from 6 to 9 pm, a Special Council meeting will be held, the first of a series of workshops from now to spring 2022 to hear from experts and community leaders on Vancouver Plan directions. At this first workshop a panel of experts will discuss long-term planning and growth. This is a very important topic for the future of our city — the citywide plan — on which is currently underway (although many irreversible planning decisions have already been made, and continue to be).

The City has a dedicated website for the Vancouver Plan: https://vancouverplan.ca/

For convenience, below we provide an excerpt of the agenda copied from the City website. Please visit that site for the full version as well as PDF links to background info on the speakers and the Vancouver Plan.

Council and panelists can speak, but no one from the general public. The public is able to attend in person (with health protocols), but is encouraged to watch online. It is not clearly stated, but typically recordings of such meetings are available for later viewing online.

Purpose: This first workshop will engage speakers and Council in a data-driven discussion about planning for growth, including:

  1. What are the drivers of population and economic growth in Vancouver and the region?
  2. How does growth influence housing affordability, economic opportunity, and climate
  3. How will land use planning decisions about housing, jobs, and infrastructure impact
    current and future residents?
  4. What data is available to inform Council decisions and Vancouver Plan directions?


Vancouver Plan Panelist Discussion

Susan Haid, Deputy Director, Long Range and Strategic Planning, and Sean Galloway, Director of Regional Planning and Electoral Area Services at Metro Vancouver, will provide introductory presentations to the workshop; followed by the following panellist presentations:

a) Mary W. Rowe, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

b) Dr. John Rose, Instructor, Department of Geography and Environment, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

c) Marc Lee, Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

d) Andrew Ramlo, Executive Director, Urban Futures; and, Vice President, Intelligence, Rennie Group

e) Dr. Julia Harten, Assistant Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC

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