The math on Vancouver City Council 2020 salaries (incl. pay from Metro Vancouver): Mayor Stewart led the way at $182,530

The salaries of Vancouver City Councillors that originate from Metro Vancouver were released as part of Metro’s 2020 Statement of Financial Information package. In addition to salaries paid out by the City of Vancouver, members of Council also receive pay for their time spent on Metro Vancouver Board Meetings and Committees. To give a clearer picture of the remuneration of Vancouver City Councillors, we’ve added the salaries from these two sources together in the chart below. It’s worth noting that 9 out of 10 Vancouver City Councillors earned over $100,000 in 2020 from these two income sources.

Kennedy Stewart also received a salary from TransLink for his time spent on the Mayor’s Council. While this information is not yet available for 2020, Stewart’s remuneration from TransLink in 2019 was $8,865.

The ‘sunshine list’ of Metro Vancouver employees earning over $75,000 was also released. Jerry Dobrovolny (former CoV General Manager of Engineering Services) clocked in with $360,269 in salary, $23,620 in taxable benefits and $2,084 in expenses. Metro Vancouver paid out $168,515,101 in salaries in 2020, and of course Vancouver residents pay part of this total in tax bills and other fees.

Metro also paid out $1,156,693,262 to Canadian suppliers. We’ve noted a few here:

EMTERRA  $22,390,093


1,440 City of Vancouver employees earned over $100,000 in 2020. A look at the sunshine list (CityHallWatch, March 31, 2021)
Council salaries, sunshine list released in 2020 financial report. Former City Manager earned $354,698 last year (CityHallWatch, March 24, 2021)

Council 2020 CoV Metro Total
Member Remuneration Vancouver
Stewart, Kennedy 170,999 11,531 182,530
Bligh, Rebecca 95,989 4,636 100,625
Boyle, Christine 95,989 13,680 109,669
Carr, Adriane 92,721 22,354 115,075
De Genova, Melissa 92,721 12,165 104,886
Dominato, Lisa 99,257 16,112 115,369
Fry, Pete 92,721 11,873 104,594
Hardwick,Colleen 92,721 10,139 102,860
Kirby-Yung, Sarah 92,721 7,862 100,583
Swanson, Jean 86,184 2,642 88,826
Wiebe, Michael 92,721 19,726 112,447

3 thoughts on “The math on Vancouver City Council 2020 salaries (incl. pay from Metro Vancouver): Mayor Stewart led the way at $182,530

  1. The income could have been higher if everyone shows up to all the meetings they suppose to attend. For example Mayor KS has missed at least 35% of TransLink Mayors’ council meetings and about 20 % of MVRD meetings

  2. Last year Kennedy Stewart’s discretionary expenses totalled $829,212..00. Who approved these expenses and what was this money being spent on. The maximum amount alloted to the other councillors was $30,000.00. Something is very wrong with this picture. No wonder Kennedy Stewart is determined to remain in office.

    • That’s why Councillor Colleen Hardwick worked so hard to institute an Auditor General for the City of Vancouver. Announcement soon.

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