City moves to remove people living in vehicles from Slocan Street. Demonstration on May 26th

The Red Braid Alliance is organizing a rally on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 4 pm. For details see the poster below. 

This topic has been covered by the Georgia Straight here:
“Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, co-op neighbours ask City of Vancouver not to evict RV encampment” (by Carlito Pablo, 26-May-2021):

Excerpt: A group of residents at a housing co-op has asked the City of Vancouver not to remove a nearby homeless encampment. City bylaw officers have given people living in recreational vehicles and cars along Slocan Street and East 12th Avenue until Wednesday (May 26) to move along.

Below we provide text of the organizers’ posters, text of a support letter signed by 22 persons from the Kaslo Gardens Housing Coop, at Kaslo and Grandview. 

Below: Image of poster (see further below for text)

Text, produced by OCR.

Wednesday May 26th (2021) at 4 pm
Slocan and 12th Ave, Vancouver
Occupied Musqueam, Squamish, & Tsleil-Waututh Territories
RV and car-dwellers are calling a rally to defend a community of vehicle-
dwellers from displacement.

The Slocan RV camp has been at Slocan and 12th for two years; but now the city
is enforcing bylaws and ordering residents to leave by May 26th, attempting to
hide the housing crisis by banishing vehicle-dwellers from sight.

We demand an end to the city’s enforcement of laws and bylaws that
criminalize and displace people who live in vehicle-homes. Everybody has a
right to stay in their home without moving constantly from fear of being
towed or ticketed. Criminalizing us is not a solution to the housing crisis! We
will not be displaced into invisibility!

We are calling for the construction of permanent social housing at welfare and
pension rates. Some of us want to live indoors but can’t afford market housing
and don’t want to live in supportive housing or SROs, where residents are
surveilled and their tenant rights trampled on by non-profit service providers.
The government should be building quality housing so that everyone has
the option of living inside.

Organized with the help of Red Braid Alliance


Text of letter

Mayor Kennedy Stewart
Vancouver City Council
453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1V4
Dear Mayor Stewart And Council Members,
We are writing you with some urgency to ask that the city not proceed with its
announced plan to evict the RV encampment across the street from us at Slocan and
We cannot believe the solution to homelessness is to use the threat of eviction to
disperse this gathering. If anything, cracking down will only increase the number of
homeless people in our city. There are short term fixes available — don’t want garbage?
Provide a dumpster. Don’t want waste? Provide portapotties. Don’t want campers by a
school? Let RVs park elsewhere.
But let’s not ignore that the only fix to homelessness – the only real solution – is secure,
affordable housing for all. Let’s work on that instead of victimizing the victims.

Signed – 22 residents of Kaslo Gardens Housing Coop, at Kaslo and Grandview.


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