Little Mountain dispute in BC Supreme Court this week. Developer Holborn is fighting to stop the release of documents


Related media coverage with background info: “Fight over access to details of Little Mountain purchase contract heads to B.C. Supreme Court: Years-long battle to make contract public set to be heard over 2 days, by Jeremy Allingham,  CBC News,  · Apr 15, 2021)

(Press Release received, 15-April-2021)

The next chapter in the 14-year long Little Mountain Social Housing dispute heads to BC Supreme Court on Thursday. The Court will hear the developer’s judicial review application (appeal) of a Freedom of Information order to make the contract between Holborn Properties Ltd. And B.C. Housing public.

The provincial FOI process resulted in a victory for former MLA David Chudnovsky and CBC Producer Jeremy Allingham who made separate applications to see the contract originally signed in 2008. Holborn is appealing that decision.

“This is just Holborn’s latest attempt to stall the process,” said Chudnovsky. “What are they hiding? People have been asking since 2008 to see the contract. The residents of BC and Vancouver – and especially those who were forced to leave their homes all those years ago – have a right to see what was in this deal.”

The Little Mountain social housing community was built in the 1950s. Its 224 units housed almost 700 people who were told in 2007 they had to move, their homes would be rebuilt, and they would return to their new units by the Olympics (in 2010).

Chudnovsky commented, “In the midst of an affordable housing crisis virtually nothing has been done in 14 years. The privatization of this site was a terrible mistake by the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal government and the then Housing Minister Rich Coleman. Little Mountain is still a huge vacant lot.”

“Holborn thinks we’re going to get tired and give up. No way. We’re going to see that contract,” concluded Chudnovsky.

For further information contact:

Those interested can observe the court case by contacting:
Superior Court Judiciary’s Communications Officer, the Honourable Bruce Cohen, at



Details of Little Mountain Housing sale must be released, rules OIPC adjudicator (via CBC News)
Posted on October 1, 2020

Little Mountain petition & rally Nov 30 (Sat) to mark 10 years since social housing demolition and call for Province to take back the site, Posted on November 27, 2019


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