Broadway Plan: Important survey ends March 31 (Wed)

Image credit: City of Vancouver

A Broadway Plan Emerging Directions Survey (Phase 2 of planning) closes on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Don’t miss this opportunity to tell planners and City Council what you think!

The City says it has heard from many people across the Mount Pleasant, Fairview and Kitsilano neighbourhoods as well as from the Greater Vancouver Area. Official webpages are at Emerging Directions ( and the survey is on that page.


The Fairview/South Granville Action Committee ( has reported as follows:

We have been reviewing the Broadway Plan Phase 2 reports and attending virtual workshops.  So far, it has been disappointing.  At the virtual events we attended, an overwhelming amount of dense material was presented with little time for feedback.  Several of the attendees were from the development community, or didn’t live in our neighbourhood.

The Broadway Plan Phase 2…

  • adds height and density to our neighbourhood, without plans for new schools, community centres or parks,  
  • chokes traffic on thoroughfares without considering neighbourhood traffic safety and shortcutting,  
  • aims to make personal vehicle trips difficult and expensive,     
  • proposes “centres” (read: skyscrapers) around Skytrain stations, including one in Burrard Slopes, curiously located around the proposed 40-storey tower at 8th & Pine,
  • plans thousands of new homes in our neighbourhoods, without considering the thousands planned at Senakw, Molson, False Creek, Jericho, Oakridge, and 
  • replaces treasured view cones with peekaboo views to accommodate skyscrapers on Broadway.

We urge you to complete the Broadway Plan Phase 2 survey before it closes on March 31.

  • The survey is lengthy, so give yourself 30-60 minutes to complete it.  If you have limited time, you can skip sections that don’t apply to you.
  • You can comment on specific neighbourhoods and emerging directions. 
  • Some suggested comments from FSGAC: 
    • I support moderate density, a mix of housing forms & a maximum height of 12-storeys,   
    • I don’t support skyscrapers nor changes to view cones, 
    • I support housing goals that align with Stats Can data on population growth,    
    • I support protection of [name your area of concern, with your specific concerns], 
    • I support building parks, schools & community centres BEFORE adding density, 
    • I support realistic traffic management, efficient traffic flow, my right to travel by car, & reduced traffic through neighbourhoods. 

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