Neighbourhood slow zone introduced in Grandview with 30 km/h speed limit

It’s finally happened. The City of Vancouver has moved ahead and introduced a Neighbourhood Slow Zone with a speed limit of 30 km/h in a section of Grandview-Woodland. This is a pilot project. The neighbourhood slow zone is located between Commercial Drive, Clark Drive, East 1st Avenue and Grandview Hwy North (north of the Skytrain / Grandview Cut). The speed limit on these side streets was previously 50km/h, apart from the designated bike route on Woodland Drive that was already a 30km/h zone.

This slow zone essentially has a 30 km/h sign posted at each intersection. At some intersections, such as at McLean Drive and East 2nd Avenue, there are four 30 km/h signs. For the slow zone to be expanded to many other side streets in Vancouver, the issue around the signs will need to be addressed (as it might be impractical to post four signs at each and every side street intersection). Councillor Fry has put in considerable work in having motions approved with a goal of being able to implement a 30km/h speed limit at Council as well as taking this work to the UBCM with a goal of having the province make changes (so that the 50km/h limit can be changed to 30km/h without excessive signage).

Back in 2015, the City of Toronto made a decision to move many of the residential streets in their core area to 30 km/h. The results of those changes can now be examined, for example in the study and summary: Lowering Speed Limit to 30 km/h in Toronto Drastically Improved Pedestrian Safety: Report.


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